Texas Broiler Council

The Texas Broiler Council (TBC) is an organization of broiler industry representatives that encompasses all phases of the broiler business. Membership is divided into five categories. They are:

Category 1 - Broiler Integrator (owns both production and processing)

Category 2 - Broiler Processor (has processing, but no production)

Category 3 - Broiler Processor (has production that he owns, but no processing)

Category 4 - General (those who own neither commercial production nor processing, and are not contract growers; general members include breeders and others who sell to and/or service the industry and choose to be TBC members with automatic Texas Allied Poultry Association membership)

Category 5 - Contract Growers (those persons producing broilers on contract who do not have ownership of the broilers)

TBC is active in the four primary areas of product promotion, consumer education, research funding and government relations.

Texas Broiler Council Directors and Officers


Billy Wyatt
Tyson Foods

1st Vice President

Joshua Griffin - 2024

2nd Vice President

Scott Winkler - 2024
Holmes Foods


Judson Smith - 2024
Wayne-Sanderson Farms

Scott Holmes - 2024
Tyson Foods Gonzales, Texas

Brent Tieken - 2025
Bozka Farms Shiner, Texas

Randall Boehme - 2025
Wayne-Sanderson Farms

Brian Weatherford - 2025
Cobb-Vantress Inc.

John Holloway - 2025
Tyson Foods

Jared Brumley - 2025


Dr. Audrey McElroy

Dr. Morgan Farnell

Dr. Gregory Archer

Ms. Sydney Rosario