Economic Impact

Agriculture is an important economic contributor in the Lone Star state. Texas leads the nation in total number of farms and ranches with more than 245,000 operations, and the industry employs one out of every seven Texans.

The Texas poultry industry annually contributes more than $5 billion to the state's economy and provides tens of thousands of valuable jobs. Learn more about our impact below.

General Texas Poultry Industry Facts

graphic of Texas as 5th in broiler production

Texas ranks 5th in broiler (meat chickens) production and 5th in egg production in the U.S.

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The Texas poultry industry annually contributes $5 billion to the state's economy.

graphic of Texas as 5th in broiler production

The industry employs approximately 40,500 directly across the state of Texas providing wages of more than $1.8 billion to those employees.

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The Texas Poultry Federation has four Affiliates groups, including the Texas Broiler Council, Texas Egg Council, Texas Poultry Improvement Association, and the Texas Allied Poultry Association.

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The Texas poultry industry is comprised of broilers, broiler breeders, primary broiler breeders, egg layers, egg layer breeders, mail order hatcher and game bird operation (raised for release and breeding operations.)

Texas Chicken Facts

Texas processes more than 60 million chickens a month with a total process weight of 4.92 billion pounds of chicken meat.

The Texas broiler industry provides 37,800 direct jobs in the state and $1.7 billion wages.

In 2022, the average consumption of chicken was 100.6 lbs per person.

Texas Egg Facts

There are 26 million egg layer hens and pullets raised in Texas.

The average annual consumption of eggs is about 286 eggs per person.

The Lone Star state produces 6.62 billion egg annually, or 557 million dozen of eggs.

The Texas egg industry provides 1,224 direct jobs in the state and $41 million in wages.