Texas Egg Council

The Texas Egg Council (TEC) is an organization of egg industry men and women that encompasses all phases off the egg business. Membership is divided into five categories. They are:

Category 1 - Producers (those owning production)

Category 2 - Egg Dealers and Handlers

Category 3 - Hatcheries of Egg-Type Chicks

Category 4 - Allied Industries (those firms who choose to be TEC members with automatic TAPA membership)

Category 5 - Contract growers (those persons producing eggs and/or pullets on contract who do not have ownership of the poultry)

TEC is active in the four primary fields of product promotion, consumer education, funding of research, and governmental relations.

Texas Egg Council Directors and Officers


David Carpenter - 2025
Cal-Maine Foods - Bogata, Texas

1st Vice President

Saxon Dittert - 2025
MPS Egg Farms - Kurtin, Texas

2nd Vice President

Joe Klein - 2024
Nest Fresh Eggs - Gonzales, Texas


TJ Klein - 2024
MPS Egg Farms - Kurtin, Texas

Ron Christensen - 2024
Idalou Egg Ranch - Idalou, Texas

Colby Bond - 2024
Cal-Maine Foods - Marion, Texas

Benji Campbell - 2024
Cal-Maine Foods - Marion, Texas

Angie Fritsch - 2025
Kieke Egg Farms - Burton, Texas

Michael Ermon - 2025
Cal-Maine Foods - Gordonville, Texas

Judd Stevens - 2025
Cal-Maine Foods - Wharton, Texas

Cody Bartos - 2025
Cal-Maine Foods - Marion, Texas


Dr. Audrey McElroy

Dr. Gregory Archer

Dr. Morgan Farnell

Ms. Sydney Rosario