Texas Poultry Improvement Association

The Texas Poultry Improvement Association (TPIA) is an organization comprised primarily of individuals who sell hatching eggs, chicks and/or poults. They are:

Category 1 - Hatcheries (Independent and not part of an integrated operation)

Category 2 - Independent Flock Owners (breeding flocks)

Category 3 - Hatcheries Egg Dealers

Category 4 - Chick and Poult Dealers

Most members of TPIA are also members of the Texas Broiler Council or Texas Egg Council. TPIA is active primarily in the field of poultry health and disease control.

Texas Poultry Improvement Association Directors and Officers


Dr. Kevin Kessler - 2026
Tyson Foods - Tenaha, Texas

1st Vice President

Dr. Bret Rings - 2026
Cobb-Vantress - Siloam Springs, Texas

2nd Vice President

Dr. Katie Burchfield - 2026
Pilgrim's - Pittsburg, Texas


Stephen Fuchs - 2024
Ideal Poultry Breeding Farms - Cameron, Texas

Paul Sandel - 2024
Hy-Line North America - Bryan, Texas

Todd Walters - 2026
Cal-Maine Foods Inc. - Flatonia, Texas

Dr. Robin Gilbert - 2026
Sanderson Farms - Tyler, Texas


Dr. Audrey McElroy

Dr. Gregory Archer

Dr. Amy Swinford

Ms. Sydney Rosario